How to Order

Choose a menu

We have several menus, in addition to our Corporate Catering Menu, which you can see in our Printed Menu section.  If you would like to order from a seasonal menu, then why not print it, browse through it and give our Catering Manager a call?

Order Minimums

Each area has an order minimum. Why? Because there is a minimum number that each dish can be prepared for at a cost-effective manner.  Think about it.  Eight coffees pretty much has the same labor costs as one and very little additional material costs.

For online orders, you cannot order below the minimums stated; if you do want less than the minimums required, you must place your order by phone, and there will be a surcharge per person.

If you do consider ordering under the minimums, we suggest that you do the numbers first.  Sometimes it is a better option to order the minimum and make your colleagues happy with leftovers than pay the extra surcharge we need to impose.

Items with options

Some menu items have options.  For example, you might be able to add fruit to a chosen breakfast.  If they do, you will see the text "Comes with options - please click on the name to display full details." If you then click on the menu item name you will be taken to a page where you can see the option, choose and add it to your order.  A couple of clicks on your browser back button will then get you back to the menu list.

Still need help?

Then try reading our FAQ's, or give us a call.

NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice.